Popcorn And The Movies – A Bit Of Nostalgia

Popcorn And The Movies - A Bit Of Nostalgia
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Do You Remember Popcorn At The Movies?

Selling Popcorn At The MoviesWe may not know it but popcorn and the movies are built into our brains. Going to the movies and watching a movie with popcorn in your hands is so commonplace now it almost beats Apple pie. So why not bring that feeling into your house?

First, A Bit Of History

Popcorn itself has been around for a very long time.  Americans eat more than 16 quarts of popcorn every year but popcorn has been around long before America as we know it today was even a concept.  One of the first written accounts of popcorn is by Hernan Cortes when he saw the Aztecs eating it.  It was a brand new item at the time because corn did not exist in Europe.  But it was not until the late 1800s that popcorn really became popular and that was due to the invention of the popcorn maker.

The First Popcorn Maker

Cretors Improved No2 Wagon

Cretors Improved No2 Wagon

The very first machine expressly for making popcorn with hot air was created by Charles Cretors in Chicago.  He came up with the idea, obtained a special peddler’s license to sell popcorn on the streets, and sold tons of it.  Pretty soon people copied his idea and popcorn machine vendors sprung up all over the place.  The popcorn makers were than moves to fairs, parks, expos, and of course movie theaters.

During the second world war when sugar was being rationed popcorn became even more popular.  Eating popcorn became a duty to one’s country or was promoted that way.  After the war it remained a popular snack embedding its way into our way of life.

How Does A Popcorn Maker Work?

It was ingenious how this machine actually works.  The device uses oil heated by a small steam engine inside to pop the kernels.  What most people do not know is that there is a little bit of moisture in each kernel.  When the moisture, or water, becomes hot it expands and bursts the kernel open.  This machine was the preferred way of popping popcorn until the microwave came into the marketplace is the late 70s/ early 80s.  With this machine popcorn became even more accessible though the taste is not nearly as good.

A Popcorn Maker is Great To Have

Cinema popcorn makers are nothing that only businesses can own. Sure they buy machines that can handle a heavy load and wear and tear but your average family can have their own private antique popcorn maker that the household can enjoy. Its a great thing to have. Imagine the whole family sitting down in front of their big screen HD television watching a movie and being able to pop some popcorn with their own popcorn maker. You can invite over the neighbors and friends. They will love it. And whats best of all you will not have to pay $4.50 per bag with only a re-fill if you buy the super large bag that nobody can ever finish.

Which Model?

There are several models that you can choose from. I prefer the “antique” look myself. I love to imagine that I am in the 1930s at one of those grand movie theaters. That look is amazing. They look fabulous in homes. They have a great “movie” feel to them.

The Popcorn Makers Guide shows you all the different types that you can buy. They are not as expensive as you might think. If you look around you can purchase a popcorn maker that only several hundred bucks. Its not much at all and can really be an attention getter. Even if you are not a huge popcorn fan and cannot imagine why you would ever need one of those things realize that its great for decoration. Especially with an island kitchen they have a great look to them.

Cinemas Don’t Have The Monopoly

Do not let the cinemas have a monopoly over you. They do not have exclusive rights to these machines. Century and AMC would like to think they do but I assure you they do not.

The associatation with popcorn makers and cinemas cannot be overexagerated.  That positive feeling from being in your seat and taking a handful of buttered popcorn is complete euphoria!


If you need help to choose which type is best for you, take a look at our buying guide.

If you have any comments or advice let me know. I am an avid fan and look to getting current updates and news related to this specialized machine.


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