Popcorn Recipies

August 29, 2017
Recipe for Chocolate Popcorn

Recipe for Chocolate Popcorn – Two Great Recipes

Recipe for Chocolate Popcorn In this Recipe for Chocolate Popcorn we actually give you two great recipes and complete instructions for fantastic chocolate covered popcorn that you can make at home. This is so easy you can make it with your kids; it only has 10 steps! However, the results are professional quality chocolate covered popcorn that you can give as gifts! As with all of our recipes, they are suitable if you use a popcorn maker machine. Recipe for Chocolate Popcorn – Background information OK these two recipes give you the basic idea on how to make chocolate covered popcorn and chocolate drizzle popcorn. you can substitute your favorite types of chocolate for the types we used and you can really get creative! I […]
August 28, 2017
A Homemade Recipe for Kettle Corn

A Recipe for Kettle Corn – Just like You Buy at Country Fairs

A Homemade Recipe for Kettle Corn Here is a great Homemade Recipe for Kettle Corn that is just like the sweet Kettle corn you can buy at country fairs! This is really easy to make and is actually a healthy snack as the popcorn has loads of fiber and basic minerals and the recipe does not go overboard with the sugar or other toppings (like tons of butter and salt) that tends to put movie theater popcorn on everybody’s bad snack list! We also include some old fashioned tips to make it even more healthy and tasty! You can still use this recipe if you use a popcorn maker machine. Recipe for Kettle Corn – the 4 Ingredients Like we have already said a couple […]
August 27, 2017
Spicy Popcorn Recipe

Spice Popcorn Recipe – A Fun and Versatile Recipe!

Here is a fun and versatile Spice Popcorn Recipe! We give you the ingredients and the directions AND we give you some ideas for modifying the recipe with different seasonings! This is a great snack because it is both inexpensive and easy to make and is terrific for the ball game, a movie or even as a low calorie desert. Yes popcorn really is low calorie and healthy as long as you don’t drown it in too much butter, oil or salt…or chocolate topping which I do sometimes. Spice Popcorn Recipe - A Fun and Versatile Recipe!   Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 15 mins   A Spice Popcorn Recipe That Is Outrageous Man! Author: Popcorn Makers Guide Recipe […]
August 26, 2017
Seasoned Popcorn Recipes

Seasoned Popcorn Recipes – Our top 10 Popcorn Seasoning Ideas!

Homemade Seasoned Popcorn Recipes – Really So Easy! Here is a list of my recommended based upon experience of seasoning popcorn in my popcorn maker. Some are a matter of taste. Butter Flavoring – you can pop the kernels in a 1/4 or 1/2 stick of butter and they will get coated with butter as you shake the pot . You can also just apply margarine from a pump spray bottle after you pop the popcorn. This is less then $2 bucks at the grocery store and will last you months. You just press the pump and spray it onto the popcorn in the bowl, bag or box, shaking the box as you go. For thicker butter on the popcorn use the squeeze bottles of […]